What I wish to tell my younger self about software engineering if I have a chance.

It’s been 20 years since I started working professionally as a software developer. Twenty work years means incredibly a lot of time spent with the source code, invested energy, and opportunities to gain skill by creating the software “in the trenches.” Sometimes when I look back to the past, I imagine a meeting between my younger self and me — what my two decades older version tells about my profession? I will pat my younger myself on the shoulder and tell: hey boy, software…

This post is slightly more philosophical, without practical outcomes for the reader — expressing an opinionated view on programming languages’ evolution. I have spent a substantial part of my life with them and created bonding to these “lingua francas” for programmers.

In the old days, developers tended to make holes in the paper from nine to five.

The history of spoken languages is so tightly connected with our humankind. Some of them disappeared together with civilizations; others were transformed or influenced by neighbors. Their programming counterparts share a similar fate, although in a much shorter time range of the last eighty years. Many future-shaping things happen in such a small timeframe — often unnoticed by our…

Marek Gregor

I have tackled software architecture and development for two decades and am still amazed by its inspirational approaches, like in the art.

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